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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Winter Deal on our Island Park cabins for sale

Island Park Cabins for Sale Near Yellowstone!


Huge discount on the Aug 2015 Bank appraisal value of $520,000 ....for a short time only. 2015 CAP rate of 7.4.

Interest rates at the time of this post are still low. The monthly PI mortgage payment for our cabins for sale in Island Park near Yellowstone with good credit and 20% down on a principal residence or vacation home is less than you might imagine and can cover most or all of your mortgage and more. *Rates and terms will depend on interest rates at the time you lock in your loan, your credit and downpayment. Please talk with a lender....

Yellowstone is a huge draw for visitors in the U.S. and large cabins with 8 bedrooms on rivers and lakes rent like crazy. Summer rental income alone so far in 2016 will cover your PI mortgage payment and more. Similar to the television program, VACATION CABIN FOR FREE your payments can be made when you rent it out 48 nights or more per summer season (June- early Sept)...leaving you 1-2 weeks to enjoy your cabin. And that doesn't include winter rental income. Our Island Park cabins for sale can be a little money-maker....we already have 72 bookings for summer 2016 and even a booking for 2017!

If you are a buyer that is paying cash or is already pre-approved for a loan I will be happy to share the income for summer and winter seasons...last summer, this winter, and the bookings so far for 2016.

Current asking price for the Island Park cabins for sale is short term. It will increase to $500,000 as we get closer to the high season, and that is still a $20,000 savings on the actual appraised value. Interest rates are increasing so don't wait to own your own slice of heaven. Our waterfront, Island Park cabin for sale near Yellowstone is one of the best deals in the mountains. Please check out other comparable cabins for sale in Island Park right on this blog

I keep an eye on the prices for Island Park cabins and I am sure that you can't find a better deal for the size, income potential, and waterfront location of this cabins for sale in Island Park near Yellowstone.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Island Park Cabins for Sale in the Winter

Winter is here and cabins for sale in Island Park are accommodating outdoor enthusiasts that love the snow trails for cross country skiing and snow machines. We have some of the best trails in the west. In fact, people come all the way over here from Jackson Wyoming.

When you purchase your own Island Park cabin for sale you can enjoy year round activities or you can rent out the cabin for more income.

Please let me know if you have an interest in purchasing this cabin for sale in Island Park near Yellowstone or if you have questions.

All transactions will be handled by an escrow office and or title company....period. No rent to own, no lease options. We may consider a 49% interest at $270,000

If you would like to see more cabins for sale in Island Park please visit our other pages. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Island Park Cabins for Sale Update

If you don't need 8 bedrooms you can easily remove some walls as they are not load-bearing. This is a trussed roof but always check with your contractor or other professional. However since we rent the cabin, 8 bedrooms are best for rental purposes. It brings in higher volume and rent amounts per night. 

If you purchase the cabin before the high season (starting in June) begins, the asking price is $470,000.

The cabin was appraised at $520,000 in August, 2015. This is a re-fi BANK APPRAISAL, which is the most accurate appraisal. Please consider this when making an offer. All offers will be given serious consideration. We may accept an offer for 49% ownership for $270,000 cash. NO RENT TO OWN or LEASE OPTIONS.

All offers on the Island Park cabins for sale must include a preliminary loan approval letter. If you have a cash offer, please include the source of funds letter.